My name is Daryl and I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete residing in Singapore. I have been training in Jiu Jitsu since late 2014.


    Prior to Jiu Jitsu, I was actively involved in Taekwondo - I started in 2008, got my black belt after training for about 5 years and became National Champion (Black Belt U59 kg) in 2015.


    After 9 years of Taekwondo, I decided to fully commit myself to Jiu Jitsu in the pursuit of becoming the best grappler that I can be and to focus on my Jiu Jitsu goals. To date, I have won various championships in countries around the South East Asia region such as The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. I am currently a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I also dabble in Mixed Martial Arts and Judo.

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