• daryl chia

    Daryl is a Jiu Jitsu coach and one of Singapore’s pioneering Jiu Jitsu National Athletes. He has over a decade of experience in combat sports and has competed in various Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo and Judo tournaments. He also dabbles in Mixed Martial Arts and has a 1-0 amateur MMA record.


    Growing up, Daryl had always been an ardent martial arts fan. His martial arts journey began at the age of 10 when he first signed up for Taekwondo classes. He pursued Taekwondo for the next 9 years, earning his black belt and becoming National Champion (Black Belt U59kg) in the process. Along the way, Daryl also explored various martial arts and eventually stumbled upon Jiu Jitsu.


    To date, Daryl has won various Jiu Jitsu championships in countries around the South East Asia region such as The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. He also represented Singapore in the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta; among other prestigious events such as the Grand Prix and World Ranking.


    As a coach, Daryl is detail oriented and strives to always deliver a safe and conducive learning environment. He is able to cater to all students regardless of their skill level - from complete beginners to seasoned competitors

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